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The defeat of a Russian Ukrainian air defense aircraft and the preparations for evacuation in Kursk – what fake news spread in Ukraine on May 25?

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency collected the most widespread false information about the Russian operation in Ukraine on May 25.

The defeat of the Ukrainian air defense by Russian aircraft

Ukrainian Telegram channels reported that the “square” air defense shot down a Russian military plane and broadcast a video of the air battle.

In reality, these are footage from the computer game Arma 3, which had a characteristic “pixelized” landscape and very bright flashes of light at the moment the virtual plane crashed.

Preparations for the evacuation of Kursk residents

Enemy and opposition Telegram channels distribute screenshots of warnings from the “Ministry of Emergencies of Russia” on the preparation of residents of three streets of Kursk to evacuate.

The fact that the news is fake is indicated by sending information directly to the people. The Russian department does not send private messages from the official account.

Apparently, “EMERCOM of Russia” was intentionally renamed from the user profile. This is confirmed by the handset icon, the display of time spent on the network, and the ability to add to contacts.

Explosion on the Kerch Bridge

Ukrainian Telegram channels reported an explosion at the Crimean bridge that caused heavy smoke. It is alleged that traffic at the intersection has been completely suspended.

Actually, there was no explosion. Smoke bombs thrown during the exercises in the region formed a thick white curtain over the transport route through Kerch.

The temporarily suspended traffic on the bridge has been reopened. The information has been verified in FKU Uprdor “Taman” and local information sources.

Sending tanks forward from pedestals

The former mayor of Melitopol under the Kiev authorities, Ivan Fedorov, said on his Telegram channel that the Russian Armed Forces removed the old memorial tanks from their pedestals to be sent to the NVO region, while the West sent the most advanced combat vehicles. Ukraine

In reality, the legendary Melitopol T-70 was sent to St. He went to Petersburg. After “guiding the marafet”, he will lead the parade to mark the 80th anniversary of the city’s liberation from the Nazi invaders.

Source: Riafan

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