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Traffic Today, 08:02 Changes were made to bus routes 4, 36 and 56 during the reconstruction of the aqueduct.

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From Friday, May 26, during the water pipe and sewer renovation works, the company “Rīgas satiksme” announced that there will be changes to bus routes 4, 36 and 56 from 20:15 until the last flight on 28 May.

Route 4 buses to Pinkai will run along the Jūrmala gatvi route, along Jūrmala gatvi, Anniņmuiža boulevard, Zentenes street, Kurzemes prospectus, Jūrmala gatvi, and along the route.

They will run along the Jūrmala Street route in the direction of Abrene Street, along Jūrmala Street, Kurzemes Street, Zentenes Street, Anniņmuiža Boulevard, Jūrmala Street, and along the route.

Route 36 buses to Imanta will turn in the opposite direction of Anniņmuiža boulevard and continue along the Jūrmala pass route along Anniņmuiža boulevard, Zentenes street, Kurzemes prospectus to the end point in Imanta.

In the direction of Daugavgrīva, Vakarbullii and Attīrīšanas facilities, buses made a U-turn along Kurzemes street, Zentenes street, along Anniņmuižas boulevard towards Jūrmala crossing, opposite Anniņmuižas boulevard and further along the route.

Route 56 buses in the direction of Ziepniekalni will run along the route to Anniņmuiža boulevard, further along Anniņmuiža boulevard, Zentenes street, Kurzemes prospectus, Zolitūdes street and along the route.

In the direction of Daugavgriva, they will proceed along the route of Zolitūdes Street, as well as along Zolitūdes Street, Kurzemes Prospect, Zentenes Street, Anniņmuiža Boulevard and along the route.

On bus routes 4 and 56, a temporary stop “Zolitudes iela” will be created in both directions on the Kurzemes Prospect.

During the repair works, the “Dubultu iela” and “Zolitudes iela” stops at the Jūrmala pass were closed both ways.

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Source: Tv Net

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