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“airBaltic” discusses the possibility of additional flights to Tampere, the second home of WC hockey

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Latvian national airline “airBaltic” is discussing possible additional flights to Finland, the airline said on “Twitter”, after the Latvian hockey team made it to the semi-finals of the World Championship in Tampere. .

Representatives of “airBaltic” reported that the flight scheduled for Friday to Tampere has sold out.

“We are currently in discussion about possible additional flights,” the airline said, noting that the information would be provided as soon as it reaches the airline.

At the same time, representatives of “airBaltic” note that tickets for Helsinki flights are also actively purchased.

It was announced that the Latvian men’s hockey team reached the semi-finals for the first time in history by defeating the Swedish national team in the quarter-finals of the world championship held in Riga on Thursday, May 25. Latvia celebrated the victory with 3:1 (1:0, 0:1, 2:0). Dans Ločmelis, Miks Indrašis and Jānis Jaks for Latvia, Timotijs Liljegrens for Sweden scored.

Latvia will have to fight Canada in the semi-finals, which it lost at the beginning of the championship. The medal fight will be held by Latvia at the weekend in Tampere, Finland.

The Latvian state owns 97.97% of the shares of “airBaltic”, while the financial investor “Aircraft Leasing 1” – 2.03%, owned by Danish businessman Lars Tūsen.

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Source: Tv Net

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