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FAN Everywhere: How Drones Changed War in the 21st Century

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Military writer Alexei Sukonkin talks about the opportunities that arise with the use of UAVs in combat.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have changed the rules of warfare in the 21st century. Although the production of autonomous aircraft-type reconnaissance aircraft was resumed in the USSR, scientific and technological progress has seriously reduced their cost – now the cost of the simplest UAVs is comparable to the cost of a jet munition. This has been clearly demonstrated by the use of FPV drones (“first-person view drones”) and kamikaze drones in the NWO field.

However, UAVs are not only used to directly hit enemy targets, they allow you to conduct reconnaissance and control events on the battlefield in real time, serve as repeaters or simply know how to throw grenades at the enemy.

A military observer, author, and journalist in the new issue of the FAN Everywhere podcast Alexey Sukonkin He talks about the development of the industry, the use of the latest drones and the role of cyber athletes in modern warfare. Earlier we discussed with him the importance of the Bakhmut meat grinder for a special military operation.

You can also listen to the FAN Everywhere podcast on Yandex.Music, VK podcasts, and Google podcasts.

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