“Money is more important than ideology […]. The whole subtlety lies in not losing face, ” launches Polish liberal weekly Policy about these municipal, cantonal or regional assemblies that are repealing, one after another, resolutions unfavorable to LGBTQI that they adopted three or four years ago.

It was the canton of Svidnik in the east of the country that started this trend by adopting a resolution declaring its community “without LGBT ideology” in March 2019. This idea was replicated and eventually covered up to a third of the country, according to the Atlas of Hate, an initiative of four human rights activists.

These resolutions then caused a resonance in the country and abroad. Brussels launched a violation procedure against Poland. Threats to suspend partnerships have increased, including the non-payment of European Union cohesion funds. Enough to encourage several localities to opt out.

As well as the canton of Bialystok, which in 2019 adopted a text destroying “ideas and practices that undermine human dignity and promote the depravity of children”, remember Policy. Recently, elected officials of the canton were remotely summoned to “Extraordinary meeting on budgetary issues.” Except that all of a sudden “draft resolution” appeared dressed inon horizontal principles and respect for the principle of freedom”. No one seemed to know about the change in the agenda, apart from local elected officials from PiS (Law and Justice), Poland’s ultra-conservative ruling party that often reigns supreme in city councils across the country, in the country’s east and southeast.

Defense of John Paul II

The most famous commune of Svidnik “suddenly became a supporter “protection of fundamental rights and freedoms””, without further ado, in December 2022. Others do it incognito. The locality of Konskovola reversed its decision in the municipal council, “with a raised hand, without any document or voice.”

Still others returned to the figure of John Paul II, canceling “anti-LGBT resolutions” and the adoption of a new text in the process, this time in defense of the pope. “The anti-LGBT narrative has run its course and is beginning to threaten local government finances and investment plans, so his elected officials have come up with a new one.” comments Yakub Gavron, one of the creators of the Atlas of Hate, quoted in Policy.