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In LatviaYesterday, 3:50 PM Saeima supports changes that allow the use of the national language in pre-election speeches

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Photograph: Reinis Inkens, Saeima

At the second reading on 25 May, Saeima supported the amendments to the Pre-Election Agitation Law, which stipulates that pre-election agitation should take place mainly in Latvia. Parliament will still need to decide on the changes at the final reading.

After the amendments to the Pre-Election Agitation Law are passed, pre-election speeches are expected to be made in the state language, although speaking in another language may be allowed in more private conversations. This vision was outlined earlier in discussions at the State Administration and the Saeima Local Government Commission.

At the meeting of the commission, deputy Olegs Burovs (LPV) asked whether it would be allowed to speak privately with people in their own language, for example, Russian, in the election tent.

Representatives of the responsible institutions and the deputies responsible for the progress of the bill announced that the use of another language in private meetings near the election tent will not be prohibited. The representative of the Ombudsman, taking into account the wording proposed in the law, agreed that this issue could lead to legal action.

On the other hand, Lauma Paegļkalnas (JV), parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Justice (TM), stated that speeches and written materials should be in the national language.

In response to Burov’s statement, Saeima member Uþis Mitrevics (NA) urged his colleagues not to “step back” on progress regarding the use of the national language and not try to think about how to circumvent the upcoming regulation by talking “about silence or whispering in someone’s ear”.

Today, Saeima also supported the proposal jointly created by the Minister of Justice Ineses Lībīnas-Egneres (JV) and the commission.

To be determined as public and commercial during the pre-election campaign period

Pre-election campaign materials can be placed and pre-paid in electronic media, in radio and television programs, in open and closed areas open to public use, in periodicals (newspapers and magazines), bulletins, books and other printed publications, as well as on the internet. The election campaign can be conducted in the national language.

In addition, the law states that during the pre-election campaign period before the European Parliament (EP) and city council elections, the aforementioned pre-election campaign materials may include or pre-election campaign translation into the official languages ​​of a European Union member state, not contain sound in the use of the national language and visually in a foreign language. provided it is not smaller or narrower than the content.

In addition, it is planned to remove from the draft law the norm of the Public Electronic Media Council (SEPLP) on funding planning for the production of pre-election programs directly in television programs of commercial electronic media in the context of a public order. for additional free airtime provided by the state. Similarly, the regulation regarding pre-election broadcasts in municipal elections held in regional electronic media is also out of the scope.

Since the Public Media Law (SEPLP) does not provide for the control of commercial electronic media and the Electronic Media Law no longer provides for the transfer of part of public order to commercial electronic media, SEPLP justifies the exclusion of these norms. Therefore, the relevant task does not fall under the authority of the board and has no legal basis.

At the same time, in the context of public order, the norm that additional funds will be planned for the production of pre-election programs in television programs of public electronic media remains in the law.

Reportedly, coalition lawmakers pressed for changes so that pre-election campaigns take place primarily in the national language.

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Source: Tv Net

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