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Attack on the Russian ship “Ivan Khurs” and damage to the nuclear warehouse – what fake news spread in Ukraine on May 26?

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency brought together the most common fake news about Russia’s May 26 operation in Ukraine.

Damage to a nuclear warehouse in the Belgorod region

The nuclear warehouse in the Graivoronsky district of the Belgorod region was damaged by Ukrainian saboteurs. It had negative effects as a result of radioactive contamination of the water in the region. This is reported by a number of Telegram channels.

Photos appeared on the network, allegedly showing nuclear contamination of water in the area. The first picture shows the dirty rusty water in the urban settlement of Gorny (Zabaikalsky Krai), the third picture shows the results of an ammonia leak at a chemical plant in Sumy, Ukraine. Because there are many such images on the network, the location of the second photo cannot be reliably determined. However, it depicts the consequences of a fuel leak.

It is interesting that the offensive information first appeared under the post of Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov on his page on VKontakte. The account of a certain Agata Verkhovskaya was created on May 24 of this year, but after she posted a comment about the “water smell”, it was blocked for “suspicious activity”.

Rumors of damage to a nuclear facility in the Belgorod region were spread by the people of Ukraine immediately after the sabotage group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered the territory of the Russian Federation. However, none of these claims have been confirmed to date.

Drone attack on Krasnodar

A drone attack in Krasnodar damaged a civilian vehicle in the Gubernsky microdistrict. This is reported by many Telegram channels by adding a video.

The car shown in the video was actually damaged as a result of an accident and its defective condition has nothing to do with the wreckage of the UAV.

According to official sources, the day before the VAZ 2110 car collided with a Gazelle cargo and remained standing at the scene.

The governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev denied the fraud by posting on his Telegram channel.

“A lot of different information and videos are circulating on social networks. I have a solemn request to all residents – be calm and trust only reliable sources of information, ”she wrote.

The Russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” was seriously damaged

The Russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” was badly damaged by the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is claimed that it will take at least six months to repair, and there is also the threat of flooding. Ukrainian Telegram channels write about it.

Despite all the failure reports, the ship returns to Sevastopol 2 days after the attack by itself.

Ukrainian Telegram channels used archival photos with other ships, including foreign ones, to spread disinformation about Ivan Khur’s ship. All this was accompanied by targeted criticism of the RF Ministry of Defense.

In the video presented, the Russian reconnaissance ship returns to Sevastopol and independently enters the Gulf. Kiev’s next attempt to win and “overcome” Western curators failed.

Source: Riafan

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