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Sejas.lv Yesterday, 9:10 pm Police are investigating Roger Waters’ performance in a Nazi uniform

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Photograph: Dmitri Kotyukh

Berlin police have launched an investigation after former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters performed at a concert in the German capital, wearing a similar outfit to a Nazi uniform.

In the footage posted on social media, Waters, wearing a long black jacket and red armband, poses as if he were shooting with a simulated machine gun.

“This outfit looks like the outfit of an SS officer,” Martin Halweg, the representative of the Berlin police in charge of media relations, told the AFP news agency.

Police confirmed that the gang was launched in connection with the suspicion that the context could be considered as glorifying, justifying and appreciating Nazi power, which would mean disturbing the peace of the community.

Once the investigation is complete, the case will be handed over to the Berlin prosecutor’s office, who will decide whether charges will be brought.

Waters performed in many cities of Germany as part of his “This Is Not A Drill” tour.

The concerts caused a controversial backlash, and some authorities even tried to ban the concerts, but without success.

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