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Crime news Yesterday, 16:16 Justine’s disappearance: police ask volunteers not to make the call themselves.

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Looking for Justine Reinikova in Rogovka Photograph: Jānis Škapars/TVNET

Since May 5, the State Police, together with the services and the organization bezvēsts.lv, continues to search for the missing Justīne Reinikova. State Police made a public statement asking volunteers not to use manual search measures and to follow the instructions of the authorities.

So far, extensive search measures have already been carried out, expanding it throughout the Rogovka region, as well as purposefully searching individual territories and objects. The exploration is carried out with both human resources and technical means, and water resources have also been controlled. In connection with the girl’s disappearance, any information found and received is checked, various versions are examined and sources from the Latgale District Administration, North Latgale District, Criminal Police Office, Order Police Office and structural units are examined. Units of the Main Criminal Police Administration are recruited from the State Police in their day-to-day search operations.

Last week, on May 20, the State Police, in cooperation with the State Border Guard and the National Guard, launched search operations in the village of Rogovka, with a total of 170 officials and a large number of volunteers participating in the search operations. In addition, the State Police is in regular contact with volunteers who continue to coordinate the daily search for the girl in the surrounding area.

Also tomorrow, May 27, from 10:00, as previously announced to the public, the State Police in cooperation with the Bezvēsts.lv organization will take repeated measures to search for the girl in the village of Rogovka, Nautreni Parish, Rēzekne District. , attracting volunteers in addition to their own resources. The State Police is the coordinator of these searches and has information on search areas that have already been searched and should be searched again. For this reason, the State Police urges volunteers not to take search measures on their own for safety reasons, but to follow the instructions of the authorities.

Currently, there are no plans to stop searching for the girl. At the same time, the judicial investigation into this incident continues.

Justine Reinikova, who disappeared on May 5 this year, wore a short pink jacket, a white sweater, black jeans and black fabric shoes. He is 124 cm tall and has light colored hair at shoulder level. The girl has health problems.

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Source: Tv Net

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