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In Latvia Yesterday, 3:454 pm, “Stability” is likely to not support any presidential candidate, according to Roslikov

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Saeima MP Aleksejs Roslikovs during the Saeima session. Photograph: Paula Churkste/LETA

The head of the “Stability” party, Aleksej Roslikov, said that there is a high probability that the “Stability” party will not support any candidate in the presidential election.

He noted that “Stability” will meet with the “Unified List” presidential candidate, the founder of the political association, entrepreneur and architect Uldi Pilenas on Monday at 16.00.

When asked why “Stability” did not invite the other two candidates to a meeting, he said it was difficult to negotiate with the politician “New Union” candidate, former Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs (JV), because the “New Union” faction was considered a party outside the “Stability” communication circle. he sees.

“We will not go to the ‘New Union’ to beg! If the ‘New Union’ thinks it can handle the presidential election on its own, of course,” said Roslikov.

On the other hand, public administration expert Elina Pinto, head of Saeima’s “Stability” faction, expressed words of appreciation when talking about the candidate of the “Progressive” party – she is a professional with great power, but she has almost no chance of winning in these elections. That’s why “Stability” decided to listen to Pilena and possibly vote for her, but at the moment the party has no sympathy for one or the other candidate.

When asked whether the composition of the government will change after the presidential elections, the politician noted that “Stability” always emphasizes that there is no point in changing the president after the election. If a president emerges who can stand up for the entire Latvian people and talk enough about the coalition’s shortcomings and weaknesses, “Stability” will support him.

“We see that it is quite difficult for the three parties – the “United List”, the National Unity and the “New Unity” – to coexist. Of course, we would like to see a president who will nominate a different and more talented prime minister than the current Prime Minister Krišjāni Kariņa (JV) too many ministers,” said Roslikov.

Three candidates have been nominated for the presidential election, which will be held on the last day of May – founder of the “United List” coalition, entrepreneur Pīlēns, member of the Prime Minister’s party “Jaunā vietība”, Foreign Minister Rinkēvičs and public administration expert Pinto, selected by the opposition party “Progresīvie”.

His third coalition partner – NA – had planned to nominate current President Egils Levits to the Presidential position, but Levits refused to run, seeing that he would not have enough votes in the coalition to be elected.

Coalition politicians currently do not see the possibility of agreeing on a single candidate for the first round of the presidential election.

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