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Abroad Yesterday 14:2833 When it is not possible to win in three days. Medvedev predicts war with Ukraine’s “Nazi regime” will last for decades

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Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president and current vice-president of the Security Council, said the war in Ukraine will last for decades and will continue as long as “Nazi rule” exists in Ukraine.

He boasted several times before that the Russian army is the strongest in the world, and expressed his confidence that Ukraine will be conquered in about three days.

“All this is probably decades. This is the new reality, the new living conditions. As long as there is such power, let’s say there will be a three-year truce and a two-year conflict, but then everything will repeat itself. The Nazi nature of the Nazi leadership in Kiev must be destroyed. “

On the Telegram channel on Thursday, Medvedev envisioned three options for the future of Ukraine after the war. The Russian publication “The Moscow Times” reports that in none of these variants of Medvedav Ukraine continues to exist as an independent country.

In the first option, the European Union (EU) will take over the western regions of Ukraine. There will also be some “small Ukrainian territories” that will want to reclaim lost territory and join the EU and NATO. This will inevitably lead to the resumption of hostilities.

In the second option, the current Ukraine will disappear after being partitioned by Russia and several EU countries. The EU will then appoint the new Ukraine’s government.

In the third variant, the western regions of Ukraine join the EU countries, while the central and eastern regions become part of Russia.

Medvedv emphasized that only the third option will satisfy Russia.

Until recently, Medvedev said that no one needs Ukraine, neither Russia nor the citizens of Ukraine itself.

Nobody needs such a Ukraine. That’s why it won’t happen,” Medvedev said in April.

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