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Iraq condemns resumption of Baath Party activities in Jordan

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Residents of Iraq were outraged by the actions of neighboring Jordan, which restarted the political activities of the Baath Party linked to the late Iraqi President. Saddam Hussein.

The license renewal decision of the Baath faction, which was officially banned in the country 7 years ago, was taken on May 14, 2023. On the same day, an independent election commission in Jordan approved the participation of 27 new political parties. In this context, the Al-Dawa Islamic Party, of which the Iraqi Prime Minister is a member. Sudanese Mohammed Shia, He expressed “shock and anger”.

“This does not comply with the principles of good neighborliness and does not respect the feelings of the vast majority of our country’s residents. Rather, it stems from inappropriate intentions towards Iraq and its stability. Al-Dawa representatives said that the events will certainly put pressure on the current relationship with Jordan to be reviewed.

Thousands of Iraqis have also expressed their anger on social media using hashtags calling for cutting ties with their western neighbors. A small protest was held in Baghdad condemning the party’s resumption of work.

“Jordan’s allowing Saddam’s Baath party to carry out political activities on its territory is an official expression of hostility towards Iraq, even though this country is enjoying our generous economic aid,” the journalist said. Ahmed Abdul Saada.

It is worth noting that the late Baathist leader Saddam Hussein had many supporters in Jordan. You can now find pictures of him in local stores on stickers, cell phone cases and even air fresheners used in car interiors. For many Jordanians, Hussein is the image of an Arab hero standing up against the United States and Israel. Previously, the country supported Iraq during the war with Iran and provided aid after its invasion of Kuwait. At that time, oil was supplied to Jordan at preferential rates and even for free, which left its mark.

The Ba’ath Party came to power in 1968 after a Saddam-led coup. He is remembered for his allegations of gross human rights violations. The Baathist leader was suspected of orchestrating targeted political assassinations of dissidents. Hussein was ultimately overthrown in the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and was later executed in 2006.

Source: Riafan

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