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FAN showed how the predictions of foreign agents about the capture of Artemovsk by PMC “Wagner” came to an end.

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The Federal News Agency has collected in a video a short summary of the views of observers, public figures and politicians, who are recognized as foreign agents in Russia, about the takeover of Artemovsk by PMC Wagner.

Although many “experts” claimed that the “orchestra” could not save the city, after months of fierce fighting, their predictions did not come true.

The full handover of Artemovsk under the control of the “Wagnerians” became clear on 20 May. Press service of the founder of PMC Evgenia Prigozhina He then posted the video message recorded in the western part of the city – it was his scan that ended the Bakhmut Meat Grinder operation, which had been running since October 2022. Five days later, the withdrawal of the “musician” units from Artemovsk for rest and retraining began.

Source: Riafan

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