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Israeli army kills Palestinian intelligence officer in Jenin raid

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fighters killed a Palestinian officer and injured several administration officials during a night raid in Jenin in the northern West Bank.

Jewish military forces raided the refugee camp on the night of May 29. The Palestinians showed armed resistance against the invaders. As a result, a skirmish began, which lasted until 6 am.

Palestinian Ministry of Health, 37 years old Ashraf Mohammed Amin Ibrahim He died from bullets to his chest and stomach. He was the intelligence officer of the local government. Hundreds of Jeninians attended the funeral, held hours after Ibrahim’s death, and local authorities called for a one-day general strike. According to Wafa, at least eight Palestinians were injured by live ammunition during the raid. Six more people were arrested by the IDF and ransacked.

The Jewish army carries out such raids on Palestinians almost daily. Since the beginning of 2023, Israeli forces have killed at least 158 ​​Palestinians. The death toll includes both militants and civilians. It is known that 26 children died at the hands of IDF soldiers this year.

Source: Riafan

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