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The danger of artificial intelligence compared to nuclear war and a global epidemic

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Washington, 31 May. Artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat to humanity comparable to nuclear war and a global pandemic. This was announced in an open letter by technical experts doing research in the field of AI.

More than 350 people signed the statement published by the Artificial Intelligence Security Center.

“Reducing the risk of extinction due to artificial intelligence should become a global priority, along with other risks on a global scale, such as epidemics and nuclear war,” says Cagri.

Members of the initiative group said they would like to start a discussion about the most serious risks associated with artificial intelligence. Among the authors of the appeal were: Sam Altman And mira murati – Executive Director and technical director of the ChatGPT developer company. The document was also signed by the leaders of Skype and Quora, experts from Microsoft, Google and other IT companies.

The danger of artificial intelligence compared to nuclear war and a global epidemic

AI experts and technology executives, including Elon Musk, signed a letter in March urging AI developers to suspend the technology. They said the minimum six-month moratorium would give the industry time to set security standards for the development of AI and limit the potential harm from its riskiest technologies.

A day ago, it was learned that the market value of chip maker NVIDIA exceeded one trillion dollars. This came after the announcement of a supercomputing platform for developing applications using next-generation artificial intelligence.

Source: Riafan

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