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Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance’s Secretary-General?

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Writer Telegram channel “Old England” talks about candidates for the post of NATO Secretary General.

After the start of a special military operation, NATO increased the interest of the world community. The alliance’s activities focused on providing military assistance to the Kiev regime as well as providing support for the planning and conduct of operations. An important role in organizing this process is played by the current Secretary General of the Alliance. Jens Stoltenberg. However, tenure It expires in September 2023. In this context, the world media wonders who the new Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance should be.

Writer Telegram channel “Old England” It talks about who could become NATO’s new Secretary General.

Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

How is the election of NATO president going?

Despite Western countries’ commitment to democratic principles, the election process for NATO Secretary General remains a mystery. A European diplomat said in an interview with Foreign Policy “The election of the leader of the North Atlantic alliance is the least transparent of all the elections.“.

There is no transparent voting procedure and selection takes place through consultations between powerful countries. NATO decisions are made jointly, but often the four world leaders – the USA, Germany, France and the UK – have significant influence, even if their candidates do not claim to be leaders.

Who claims to be the General Secretary?

Among the most talked about names is the Dutch Prime Minister. Mark RutteThe Canadian Deputy Prime Minister has recently suggested that he may want to retire from politics. Christia FreelandBacked by Washington and the Estonian Prime Minister, according to Foreign Policy and the New York Times Rock Callas. On Freeland and Callas’ side, there’s the gender factor that may play an important role.

In general, NATO Secretaries General have traditionally been head of government or state, but this is not a mandatory rule. Experts believe that the deputy prime minister or foreign minister are also acceptable positions for transitioning to such a post.

Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

An important fact is that Chrystia Freeland is the granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants in Canada. After the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2015, she wrote an article called “My Ukraine”, in which she talks about her maternal grandparents.they saw themselves as political exiles, they had to support the idea of ​​an independent Ukraine“.

Later, Canadian media reported that Freeland’s grandfather was affiliated with Ukrainian nationalists and worked as an editor for the Krakow News, a Nazi propaganda daily newspaper. According to some politicians, this fact may be of use to Russia’s official position, which has identified denazification as one of the objectives of the special military operation in Ukraine.

When asked about his grandfather’s links to the Nazis, Freeland replied:

American officials have publicly stated that Russia is making attempts to destabilize Western democracies – and even former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made it clear – and I think it should come as no surprise that the same efforts are being used against Canada.“.

Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

Some experts believe that Kaja Kallas is a more worthy candidate for the position of Secretary General – not only because she is from a European country, but also because Estonia, unlike Canada, fulfills NATO essential requirements and has at least 2% of its GDP. He’s on the defensive for wasting his money.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Estonia is seen as an ardent opponent of President Putin and opposes any negotiations with him. Max Bergmann, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in European Studies, believes that such a situation may not suit France and Germany, which support the negotiation process with Russia.

As a rule, the United States does not present its candidate, since the Americans traditionally occupy one of the highest military posts in the Alliance – the Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe. Washington also plays a leading role in making the final decision. Given the current geopolitical situation and the fact that both countries are trying to resolve the Ukrainian conflict diplomatically, it is unlikely that Germany and France will experience any major political events this year. After all, after leaving the European Union, it remained the United Kingdom that wanted to increase its influence in Europe.

British at the head of the alliance

UK Minister of Defense Ben Wallace He is one of the candidates for the leadership of NATO. Of course, Brexit can play a certain negative role. But the final word belongs to the USA, with which London has excellent relations. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that the UK’s activities in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries have been revived.

Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

In October 2022, when asked if Wallace would like to replace Jens Stoltenberg as NATO Secretary General when his term ends, the head of the British military department replied:

I love working as Minister of Defense, I sincerely love my job. I don’t know how long the Prime Minister wants me to do this. The post of NATO Secretary General would be a good job, I like it.”.

Also in May 2023 the British Secretary of Defense said:

A leadership position in NATO would be great. But I also love what I’m doing now. I mean to be the British government’s defense minister in the era of reform and investment.“.

Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

It’s possible that Ben Wallace accidentally didn’t give an interview to the American edition of the Washington Post., he did a series of “insertion” theses during this time.

In his opinion, the situation in the world is getting more tense, and therefore the NATO bloc should force the participating countries to increase military spending in order to “contain” Russia and other threats. Wallace noted that one of the “positive consequences” of the conflict in Ukraine is that more than half of NATO countries have increased their military spending – but that’s not enough.


Career in NATO: Will the UK Secretary of Defense become the new Alliance's Secretary-General?

The head of the British Ministry of Defense noted that disagreements continue among the members of the organization regarding Ukraine’s participation in NATO, therefore, according to him, “the Alliance should not repeat mistakes by making impossible promises”. At the same time, Western countries will continue to provide arms and funds to Kiev without putting pressure on the Kiev regime to negotiate with Russia or make concessions. However, the Kiev allies in national stocks are running out of weapons that can be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Ben Wallace, many countries did not perceive Putin as a threat until the conflict in Ukraine began. the same”smugness“It still exists today in relation to the threats posed by certain destabilizing groups in China and Africa,” the minister said, perhaps referring to the growing resentment over the successful actions of the Wagner PMCs in the Central African Republic and Mali.

Wallace was relatively positive about the course of hostilities in Ukraine: according to him, the situation shows that if you shoot Russian troops “in the right place”, “they”.actually collapse“due to the lack of modern weapons on some parts of the front. In general, he is confident that Russia’s ground forces will be significantly depleted in the next 10 years, and he believes, contrary to the opinion of some NATO officials, that the Kiev regime can take back control of Crimea.

At the same time, the UK Secretary of Defense believes that Putin still believes in victory if he increases the number of troops involved in a special military operation; He suggested that Putin “may not get accurate information on the course of the conflict” and may not be aware of the scale of the problems the RF Armed Forces are facing during the NWO.

British media reports that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to persuade US President Joe Biden to support Benn Wallace’s candidacy for the next post of Secretary General of NATO. Given Washington’s leading role in the North Atlantic bloc, the opinion of the Americans is decisive. The result of the behind-the-scenes games will be determined at the next Alliance summit, which will be held in Vilnius on 11-12 July.

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