“Public money does not solve everything. Against”, writes Richard Werley in Glare. The Swiss observer returns to the recent resignation of Prefect Christian Gravel, who chaired the interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Crime, Radicalization and Sectarian Aberrations (CIPDR). “It is clear: he was in France one of the first defenders of secularism.”

A topic on which the state wanted to intensify the activity of associations after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty in 2020 by creating the Marianne Foundation, a device that was supposed to allocate public assistance to organizations to prevent radicalization and initially allocated 2.5 million euros.

But, “when distributed poorly, state aid on such a complex topic as de-radicalization and the fight against Islamist propaganda on social networks can become counterproductive,” the journalist continues glare.

“Far from a state matter”

Following revelations by several French media outlets, a report by the General Inspectorate for Administration (IGA), published on Tuesday, June 6, denounces the aid process. For Richard Werley, this case reveals“A poorly managed administration undermined by networks and cronies where certain grants (17 projects in total) appear to have served to reward activists who are certainly known for their public anti-Islamic commitment but are not very active in the targeted area.”

Lee “the management of the Marianne fund is far from a state affair”, according to the Swiss media, it could nevertheless have something to do with Marlene Schiappa: whoever was then the Minister Delegate in charge of citizenship was the one who spearheaded its creation. According to Mediapart, he would also take part in the selection of the beneficiary associations he advocated.

This should not be the end of the matter. In early May, the national financial prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation into embezzlement of public funds, breach of trust and illegal interest taking. Some structures may require a refund of part of the amounts paid.