A heat wave that has been affecting Southeast Asia for weeks now is weakening the economies of countries with unstable infrastructure. Repeated power outages hit Vietnam just like Bangladesh, even if the effects are not identical.

In Vietnam, technology companies that “thrived in this country, which was considered an alternative to China”, face “frequent power outages”explains Wall Street Journal. A sign that this country of 100 million inhabitants, “which grew by 8% last year, according to the International Monetary Fund, there are still infrastructure problems that need to be addressed before it can compete with China as a manufacturing site for advanced technologies”evaluates the American economic newspaper.

Apple subcontractors such as Foxconn, Korean Samsung factories are required to turn off electricity or “at least reduce their consumption during peak hours”, at the request of Vietnamese electricity companies. The shortage may continue “at least until the end of June”– explained to the local authorities of the company.

Daily breakdowns

power outages “have become part of everyday life” Vietnamese, writes Wall Street daily. The country’s hydroelectric power generation is only a quarter of its capacity due to “low water level” recognized by the Ministry of Industry.

To Bangladesh “scorching heat” the past two months have exacerbated the country’s financial difficulties and exacerbated electricity shortages, “highlighting that some of the countries hardest hit by climate change are also the least prepared to deal with it”cm. Nikkei Asia.

Unpaid bills

Earlier this week, the country’s largest power plant shut down. The 1,320 MW Paira power plant was unable to pay bills for coal imports. The shortage of coal led to a shortage of electricity. On Tuesday, June 6, the government recognized “daily electricity shortage of 2500 megawatts”.

Prior to the heat wave, the country, which was facing high inflation, was already struggling to ensure a constant supply. “It was only in February 2022 that Bangladesh successfully completed its electricity generation challenge.” emphasizes the English-language Japanese daily newspaper.

Campaigns suffer “about ten hours of ‘load shedding’, i.e. shutdowns almost daily to offload the network”. Residents of Dhaka, the capital, say they suffer not only from the heat, but also from “unstable behavior of electricity”.