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Abroad Today, 09:571 Ukraine shot down two Russian cruise missiles and 20 attack aircraft

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The Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down two Russian cruise missiles and 20 Iranian attack aircraft on Saturday night, the Ukrainian Air Force said in a statement.

Russian forces attacked Ukraine with missiles and drones from 11 pm on Friday evening to 5 am on Saturday.

Russia attacked the operational airspace in the Poltava region using Iskander ballistic and cruise missiles and Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicles. Odessa and Kharkiv regions were also attacked with cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The infrastructure of the military airport in Poltava was damaged, eight private houses were also damaged.

A total of eight different types of missiles and 35 Iranian-made “Shahed-136/131” unmanned aerial vehicles were fired at critical infrastructure facilities and military facilities from north and south directions.

Ukraine’s “South” operation command reported that 3 civilians were killed and 26 civilians were injured in the attack in Odessa.

Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed all “Shahed-131/136” attack aircraft sent to the Odessa region.

However, as a result of aerial combat, the wreckage of a drone that crashed into an apartment in a high-rise building caused a fire in an area of ​​50 square meters. The fire was immediately extinguished, but three civilians died.

The blast wave damaged many apartments and injured 26 people.

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