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Abroad Today, at 19:05, more than 600 US soldiers are stationed in Estonia.

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Photograph: AFP/SCANPIX

US Ambassador to Estonia George P. Kent said in an interview with “Diplomatia” magazine that more than 600 US soldiers are permanently stationed in Estonia.

“Thanks to the promise made by President Joe Biden in Madrid, the United States has moved a large number of its troops to the East, including to Estonia. While their permanent presence in Estonia was previously very small, there are now more than 600 troops here,” he said Kent, to the publication.

“The United States does not expect a Russian attack here, but will continue to increase its presence in Madrid as we promised,” Kent said.

He stated that there was a HIMARS unit in Tapa and a unit of the 101st Airborne Division in Veru. “HIMARS in Estonia can be used to test the feasibility of long-range missiles in local conditions. This will help accelerate preliminary planning,” Kent added.

Kent said that the new NATO regional defense plans approved at the Vilnius summit took the US’s contribution to regional defense to a new level.

“Work will continue on defense plans in many areas. Kent said, “These plans contain much more detail than what the military alliance has implemented in the last 30 years.”

A US HIMARS unit and an infantry company arrived in Estonia in late 2022, followed by an infantry unit to complement the Vera unit in May 2023.

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Source: Tv Net

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