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AbroadToday, 19:302Farmers in Bulgaria protested Ukraine’s decision to lift the grain import ban

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Explanatory picture. Photograph: VASIL DONEV/EPA

Farmers in Bulgaria set up temporary blockades on Monday on highways and roads leading to the borders with Romania and Greece to protest the European Union’s (EU) decision to end the import ban on Ukrainian grain.

The European Commission (EC) decided on Friday to lift restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine. The Bulgarian parliament decided to lift the import ban the day before, but Poland, Hungary and Slovakia announced that they would continue the ban.

Controls on Ukraine’s grain imports allowed Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania to restrict Ukrainian products such as wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflowers from their markets.

Representatives of Bulgaria’s agricultural sector set up roadblocks to protest the lifting of the import ban. Demonstrators announced that they plan to go to the capital Sofia with agricultural machinery on Tuesday to continue their protests.

They demand that Bulgaria continue to control grain products from Ukraine and ban the import of edible oil, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, livestock and honey from Ukraine.

Commenting on the protests, Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said on Sunday that he “will not negotiate with terrorists.”

Bulgaria lifted the ban before the European Commission last week, thanks to a pro-Western majority in parliament.

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