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‘No pig deserves this’: wild boar ‘authorized’ in Bavaria

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About 2,700 people suggested a new name for the animal, and in the end, five options were chosen and the winner was announced.

In the Mehlmeisel Wildlife Park in Bavaria, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the wild boar, which was named small in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin due to its Russian pedigree, was renamed and the selection of wild boar was held. The new name was approached with all German seriousness, as reported on the park’s Facebook page.

During the time the boar lived in Bavaria, he grew into a male weighing almost 200 kg, becoming one of the most famous inhabitants of the park.

However, recent events in Ukraine and the atrocities committed there by the Russian President’s soldiers have prompted Mehlmeisel’s staff to consider renaming the pig because “not a single pig deserves the name of this inhuman bastard.” On March 4, a competition for a new nickname for the animal was announced on the social network page, and the renaming of the pet was the first in the park’s long history.

Already on April 1, the top five nicknames, selected from about 2,700 proposed options, were brought to the attention of users. Although the names of Klitschko, Gorbachev, Selensky (Soviet writer and journalist) were mentioned the most among those not included in the top five, these suggestions were not included in the list to avoid further politicization of the name.

As a result, the park staff chose the names Igor (a Russian name pointing to the animal’s Russian roots), Frederik, Mir, Gustl (a popular Bavarian name) and Ebergofer (a police officer’s name from a popular Bavarian book). sherry).

According to the voting results, the winner was Ebergofer. 1198 votes were cast for him. Gustl is second with 1013 votes and Mir is third with 308 votes in favour.

The pig got a new name on April 19. The “newly baptized” Ebergofer was presented with gifts as a festive gift.

It should be noted that the park not only “gets rid” of Putin, but also provides support for Ukrainian refugees. The management organized free admission for our compatriots fleeing the war, and also provided a pack of animal food so they could feed their pets while visiting the park.

Recall that a 12-year-old Amur tiger named Putin died in the Minnesota Zoo (USA).

Source: Riafan

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