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German Chancellor Scholz faces resignation over reluctance to supply arms to Ukraine – Spiegel

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According to German journalists, the Chancellor’s position in Kiev suits not only the opposition, but also the deputies in the coalition in the Bundestag.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz could be sacked for refusing to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. This is stated in an article of the German edition of Der Spiegel.

Journalists note that starting next week, the current opposition may initiate the resignation process of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose policies do not even fit the lawmakers in the coalition. The reason for the declaration of distrust may be the indecision of the head of government on the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, which continues to oppose the RF Armed Forces.

According to Spiegel, next week the leaders of the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) bloc, which is an opposition member in the Bundestag, plan to submit a draft resolution to send the necessary weapons to Kiev in case this issue arises. It was not solved by Olaf Scholz himself.

“The debate over Germany’s contribution to the rearmament of the Ukrainian army has been gaining momentum lately, with even representatives of the coalition parties increasingly expressing their dissatisfaction with the Chancellor’s progress. At the same time, Ukraine’s needs are more urgent, given the new offensive by Russia. “If Scholz continues to oppose the supply of heavy weapons, the chancellor will have to wait for the corresponding statement from the Union faction next week.”

Journalists do not rule out that the draft resolution from the opposition could receive the required number of votes in the Bundestag and, according to Spiegel, the document is ready to be supported by the representatives of the coalition.

Members of the CDU/CSU “Union” are also outraged that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “autocratically” takes all decisions without taking into account the positions of individual factions in the SPD party and their allies.

Recall that in early April, Politico wrote that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz delayed the decision to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. Journalists claimed that a number of top German politicians pressured the head of government to approve the allocation of about 100 tanks.

On April 18, Spiegel reported that Olaf Scholz was criticized in the Bundestag for his stance on sending heavy weapons to Ukraine. The next day, April 19, US President Joe Biden met with EU and NATO leaders, after which Olaf Scholz said that Germany had exhausted its weapons stocks and could not send weapons to Kiev.

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