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West traded with Almaz-Antey, turned a blind eye to sanctions – Dubilet

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According to the former minister, foreign suppliers of the company that manufactures air defense systems and other weapons deliberately turned a blind eye to the sanctions. He posted a list of such companies on the web and urged the world to investigate this criminal trade.

The Almaz-Antey concern (after the invasion the company changed its name to AlmaZ-Antey) continued to receive components from abroad even after the introduction of international sanctions in 2014. This was announced by the businessman, former Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet.

The Dubilet team came to this conclusion after analyzing the information on the official website zakupki.gov.ru, which publishes information about tenders and acquisitions of state-owned companies.

“Analysis of data on the Zakupki website shows that sanctions have bypassed (and may continue to) bypass companies from the US, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg and other countries.” said the businessman.

As an example, he cited ISCAR Metalworking, owned by American Berkshire Hathaway (owned by Warren Buffett). The enterprise participated in the tender for the supply of metal cutting equipment through its official dealer LLC “Saint-Petersburg Instrumental Equipment”. German high-precision measuring equipment from the German manufacturer Zoller was purchased at a Russian tender even after the Russian invasion in March 2022.

List of 30 big companies

“We publish a publicly available list containing a list of all foreign companies whose products are involved in the tenders of companies affiliated with Almaz-Antey,” said Dubilet. “We’re posting this information, not to create a wave of outrage.” Our goal is to make the West understand that targeted sanctions are not working.”

The published list includes 30 companies, including well-known companies such as Huawei.

“The Almaz-Antey company has been under sanctions since 2014. It is forbidden to trade with it directly or indirectly (through dealers or other schemes). However, businesses in this concern do not hesitate to open tenders for the products of foreign manufacturers, Dubilet said, “Moreover, these products are often sold in Russia. it looks a lot like dual-use goods that can’t be supplied to either company! This means that companies violate both personal and industry sanctions at once.”

Western media demanded an investigation

The entrepreneur emphasized that, according to the rules, suppliers must thoroughly check their orders for compliance with requirements and standards. Therefore, the Russians are responsible, even if they order these products with complex multi-layer schemes. “But here, deliveries were often made through official dealers and distributors. This shows that companies deliberately turn a blind eye to sanctions,” Dubilet said.

He urged Western media journalists to investigate these facts and promised to provide additional and explanatory information on this and other tenders.

“We call on Western countries to demand an end to deception and an immediate full embargo on all trade with Russia,” the former minister said.

According to him, “Almaz-Antey” is the key military enterprise of the Russian Federation, producing air defense systems – “Buki”, S-300, S-400, S-500 – and other weapons.

remember this before Focus He wrote that due to the sanctions, Russia’s GDP will fall by 8.5% in 2022 and by 2.3% in 2023. Such data was published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its April report.

Moreover Focus He talked about the five sanctions packages that Europe imposed on Russia. Under the restrictions were the oligarchs, oil companies and Russian metallurgy in particular. In addition, Europe has embargoed coal from the Russian Federation, but still has doubts about oil and gas.

A number of international companies have left Russia. Among other things, Russia risks being deprived of civil aviation due to international sanctions.

Source: Riafan

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