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Head of SME exposes French frauds related to death of translator in Central African Republic

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Federal News Agency / Alexander Vasiliev

Moscow, April 22. Alexander Ivanov, head of the International Society of Security Officers (COS), has criticized a Western disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting Russian trainers working in the Central African Republic.

“There was an event in Central Africa that opened the eyes of even the last supporters of the Western world who still believe in French propaganda. The long-discredited Corbeau News reported that Central African translator Igor Alain Bisavulu was killed by Russian trainers on April 16. Allegedly, this happened in the city of Ndele.

The propagandists came up with a story that Igor knew some kind of military secret he shouldn’t have known. The pro-French media began copying this fiction to defame SPSS and our employees. As soon as this news came out in the media, I contacted the guys who worked with FACA in Ndela and asked them, “How’s Igor doing?” I asked. As I expected, everything was fine with him, he is healthy, cheerful, continues to work, ”said the artist.

The head of domestic trainers, considered by Western publications to be Wagner PMCs, said that the “killed” translator was in good health. It also continues to work closely with Russian experts and demands an apology from editors who tried to mislead Central Africans:

“The amazement of the propaganda media readers is indescribable when Igor Alain Bisavulu gave an interview in which he recorded a lively and wholesome video message and denied his ‘murder’. She has been working as a translator for SOMB for a year and a half, and of course no one was going to hurt her.

The translator has already demanded an apology from media editors who spread outright lies that shocked his relatives.

On behalf of all the trainers of the PRS, I condemn this and any disinformation campaign against Russia and the OAC. The lies poured out from the West to Russia will definitely come out, the world will see the truth and in the end we will win.”

This is not the first time that French propaganda has published material dishonoring Russian experts. However, Central Africans have long stopped believing in nonsense scams, as they realized that it was the local educators who saved their country from destruction.

Earlier, Central African translator Igor Alain Bisavulu asked at a press conference to apologize to the Western media for publishing the news of his death. He stressed that he continues to cooperate with Russia and that nothing threatens his life.

Source: Riafan

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