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Cancellation of May 9 in Israel and the sinking of a frigate – what frauds were spread in Ukraine on April 30?

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency collected the most common frauds about the Russian operation in Ukraine on April 30.

Invitation to join the “Immortal Regiment”

Ukrainian Telegram channels, including news channels, report that in Russia people withdraw money to participate in the annual Immortal Regiment parade, which is traditionally held on May 9 in honor of Victory Day. All those who accepted were allegedly promised to pay 300 rubles per hour.

The authors of the War on Fake Telegram channel explain that the corresponding announcement seems absolutely illogical. Therefore, in order to receive money, potential participants need to send a check to the organizers for some reason. According to the announcement, payments are made daily, but the Immortal Regiment event only lasts for a few hours.

Additionally, St. The “temporary” central “fence” (assembly) place of St. Petersburg was declared. It is worth noting that the Ukrainian language has the word “zbirannya” meaning “meeting”, and the festive procession traditionally takes place along Nevsky Prospekt. In addition, too many expressions make the text difficult to read and suggest that it was written in a hurry.

With such a stuffing, Ukrainian propaganda once again made it possible for the Soviet army to fight after World War II. He is trying to smear the glorious history of his victories in World War II. The main purpose is to mislead the public and make them believe that the Russians do not care about this day.

British mercenary volunteer

British propaganda is also not far behind. That’s why local media claim that British mercenary Andrew Hill, captured by Russian soldiers, was a humanitarian volunteer.

However, the video of his interrogation proves otherwise. The man not only wears the MultiCam uniform, but also spoke personally about his purpose in being in Ukraine. He also talked about the stinginess of the Kyiv regime, which delayed payments.

Cancellation of May 9 in Israel

Some foreign media are spreading the news that the Israeli authorities have decided not to hold the traditional parade in honor of the May 9 Victory Day. It is noteworthy that local radio station Kan was the first to broadcast such a message, citing Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata.

However, the ministry itself denied this information and expressed its concerns about the spread of misinformation on social networks by some media and communities.

“This year, Victory Day, World War II on Mount Herzl. It will be celebrated next to the memorial to the 250,000 Jewish Red Army soldiers who joined their ranks during World War II… Aliyah and Israeli Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata. “Unfortunately, false news has been published about the cancellation of the event and this is not true,” he said.

Shipwreck near Odessa

Ukrainian provocateurs are posting a video showing the ship blowing up, claiming to be Russian. Allegedly, the incident occurred off the coast of Odessa.

But the authors of the Minpravda Telegram channel were able to find out that the footage was taken back in 2016. They depict the US Navy’s 12-hour attempt to sink the decommissioned Fach frigate.

Photo of children in the basement

The All-Seeing Eye of Ukraine, the major Telegram channel with millions of viewers, has spread yet another fraud. The photo published by its authors shows children hiding in the basement, allegedly due to the bombing of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the propagandists, the event takes place in the Kharkov region. But the moderators of the Fake Cemetery Telegram channel immediately determined that the photo is the cellar of the Kushchov family house. The photo was taken in Slovyansk in 2014, and the children are hiding in the basement from the bombing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The international edition of FAN urges readers to be vigilant. Do not trust information from unreliable sources.

Source: Riafan

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