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Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?

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The Canadian lieutenant general was detained while trying to escape from the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Trevor Cadieu. This was reported by a number of media and Telegram channels, but there was no official confirmation. The authors of the publications claim that the general runs the No. 1 biological laboratory, where they allegedly work with deadly viruses. Now Kadio is in Moscow, where he will go to court.

About who General Cadieu is and how he got into the dungeons of a Soviet factory with Azak Ukrainian nationalists persecuted in Russia * – in the material of the international edition Federal News Agency.

Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?
Source: FAN

Locked Generals

Kadieu is currently the highest-ranking foreign military man detained in Ukraine, the media nicknamed him the “general of the mercenaries.” In mid-April, it became known that generals from NATO countries could be on the territory of Azovstal. According to the testimonies of the evacuated residents, the military often spoke of the presence in the basements of the top leaders of the Western armies, “who were in constant contact with Zelensky.” In particular, they talked about the American general. Roger Cloutier Jr.retired US Army Major Paul Gray and U.S. National Guard Major, former deputy commander of the 53rd Infantry Brigade yasena pasca

Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?
Source: Federal News Agency / Alexander Simonov

Why the highest military officials remained in the Mariupol catacombs, there are several versions. According to one, the Russian army was advancing so quickly that they did not have time to evacuate before Mariupol was besieged, and all subsequent attempts were unsuccessful. According to another version, the “Azovits” rebelled because of military failures and forcibly locked the generals in the basements.

Earlier, two British “mercenaries” Sean Pinner and Aiden Eslin were detained in Mariupol. They later returned Boris Johnson With a request from Russia to exchange with high-ranking hostages of the Kyiv regime. But London did not express a desire to receive its compatriots.

Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?
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Who is Trevor Kadieu?

Detained Canadian Armed Forces General Trevor Kadieu has a rich history. He completed his training at the Royal Military College of Canada in 1995 and began serving with the 3rd Canadian Strathcon Regulars and Reserves Division. In 1997, he participated in the conflict in Bosnia. He served in Kandahar in 2002. Then he led a group of soldiers in Jordan. And in 2017, he began leading the 3rd Canadian Division, the service of which he once began.

At the end of August 2021, he was appointed commander of the Canadian Land Forces – the solemn ceremony was to be held on September 7. However, a former colleague of mine approached the Military Investigative Service (CFNIS) and accused Cadia of sexual misconduct that occurred in 1994 while still studying at a military college. The military denied all accusations, but the ceremony was postponed.

Cadieu found herself in limbo and retired from military service on April 5, 2022, having served 30 years according to the application submitted.

I remain the subject of investigation and am ready to cooperate with the authorities. As this process developed, I decided to liberate myself and explore other opportunities to contribute to the common cause, rather than charging for an indefinite period until CAF could hire me.”

Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?

On April 21, 2022, news appeared in the Canadian press that Kadio went to Ukraine. However, the investigation against him has not yet been concluded. The Canadian Ministry of Defense refused to confirm his whereabouts.

“As he is now a private individual, it would not be appropriate for us to comment on his personal plans,” the ministry said.

Canada is not good for this

political scientist Alexander Asafov Commented on the arrest of “mercenary general” Cadieu for MFAN. In his view, it is absolutely unprofitable for the collective West to admit that especially the highest-ranking military took part in the conflicts in Ukraine. Many allies of the West are driven by a subversive ideology and therefore cannot be portrayed as “fighting for peace” heroes. The West will do anything to reject such people.

Who is General Trevor Cadieu, who was caught trying to escape from Azovstal?
Source: FAN

Stoltenberg, Psaki, Biden and many others said that there was not and cannot be a NATO contingent, and that they would never take part in hostilities. But in reality, all this was done on Syrian models – when there were no American military men, but when there were American military specialists. And they are often the same people. There are no military men, but there are retired-experts speaking for Blackwater and a host of other Western PMCs.

Same here – it is impossible to admit that this is Canada’s current army. This would mean that Canada is actively involved in the conflict and is somehow engaged in the training or direct leadership of illegal armed groups, for example, Azov, which is banned in the Russian Federation. It will be difficult to explain, not to us, but to the same Canadians. How did it get there? Why is he there? How did Azovstal get into the catacombs? The answers to all these questions are best hidden and covered up. Therefore, harassment and resignation etc. information about him appeared, ”says Asafov.

It’s hard to believe that a high-ranking Canadian soldier was in the Azovstal catacombs “at the call of his heart,” according to the political scientist.

“We know that high-ranking people do ridiculous things. But given all the circumstances, it’s hard to say that this person was there by chance – he was picking mushrooms or fishing. All these questions will have answers, and neither Canadians nor representatives of the anti-Russian Western consensus will like them, ”he said. summed up Asafov.

  • * – Criminal cases were initiated against some representatives of the formation in the Russian Federation

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