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Imitation of a nuclear attack on Kaliningrad should be taken as a signal – Spiegel

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Journalists of the German edition note the growing fears of a nuclear escalation.

Against the background of the offensive in Ukraine, the Russian armed forces simulated attacks with missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad. Spiegel reported that as part of the exercises, about a hundred soldiers are working on the “electronic launch” of mobile complexes of Iskander-type ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons. The military carried out attacks on the targets of a false enemy and how to respond to a counterattack. “This should be taken as a signal,” Spiegel writes.

Journalists of the publication note that Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave in the Baltic Sea between two EU and NATO members: Poland and Lithuania. Therefore, the place and time of the exercises could not be chosen randomly.

Spiegel recalls that with the start of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was ready to use tactical nuclear weapons. In late February, Russia placed its nuclear forces on high alert. The Kremlin chief also warned of “rapid retaliation” if the West directly intervenes in the Ukraine conflict. Observers say Russian state television has been trying to make the use of nuclear weapons attractive to the public in recent days.

Russia is the world’s largest nuclear power. The country has about 4,500 operational nuclear weapons, most of which are of strategic importance. That is, such weapons are intended for nuclear deterrence and should not be used for military purposes in armed conflicts. Strategic weapons can be launched in minutes, and some missiles can reach almost anywhere in the world.

What was reported about the exercises in Russia?

The press service of the Western Military District of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation told reporters that more than 100 soldiers and 20 units of military equipment participated in the exercises held near Kaliningrad. The missileers set out towards the designated position area, where they could hit various targets from their equipped starting positions, such as imitations of rocket launchers, airfields, protected objects, military equipment accumulations, and enemy command posts.

“Military personnel made a maneuver to change their position after firing electronic shots to avoid a possible retaliatory attack,” the press service said.

Remember as reported FocusCongress may allow Biden to use the US military in Ukraine, but only if the Russian Federation uses chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

As reported, Russia is threatening to deploy nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad region. This will happen if Sweden and Finland join NATO. This statement was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

On 13 April, the media reported that Sweden had decided to apply to join the military bloc. Parallel to this decision, a discussion began in Finland about the possibility of joining the Alliance.

On April 12, Russia began to gather troops on the Finnish border. Eyewitnesses to St. He filmed the movement of heavy missile guns along the highway to St. Petersburg.

Source: Riafan

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