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The mood in Moscow? War is a problem, but we are patriotic and we can overcome anything.

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Western sanctions on Russia following its military aggression against neighboring Ukraine have plunged the country into its worst economic crisis since the collapse of the Soviet Union, according to Reuters. However, the Kremlin claims that the state will establish its own production and find new markets in Asia.

Some Russians regret the severed ties with their relatives in Ukraine. “It affects you emotionally, I have two sisters in Ukraine. It’s very difficult to talk to them now, they have their own information wars there, “he said. According to him, patriotism is now growing in Russian society. “Belonging to Russia is now obvious. I can say that patriotism is growing,” he said.

Most Russians support the war in Ukraine, and Putin’s preferences rose 14 percentage points to 81.5 percent, according to the polls.

The opposition claims that the Russian media partially covered the events, and that those who were independent and critical were silenced. According to Russian politicians, Western media sided with Ukraine and ignored Moscow’s opinion.

A man named Dmitry says there is constant tension in the city, and Yevgeny Moscow said the Ukrainian conflict was a “major psychological blow” to him. “Almost all my loved ones feel the same way,” he said, noting that there are more offers to sell real estate in Moscow.

Victory Day is a public holiday in Russia to commemorate the 27 million war victims of the Soviet Union. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said that the West is trying to revise history and reduce the importance of the Soviets in the defeat of the Nazis. According to him, he launched the Ukrainian operation to end the dangerous nationalists in Ukraine.

On the day the Second World War ends, Putin will demonstrate in Moscow’s Red Square, highlighting the extraordinary losses suffered by the Soviet Union in its struggle against Nazi Germany.

The luxury Moscow restaurant Selfie, which has had a Michelin star since last year, has stopped being fun, but there is also a growing belief that Russia will overcome the challenges in the long run and use them to its advantage. Director Marija Podzolkovová admitted that wine is increasing rapidly and domestic production is not enough. “Selfie is an expensive restaurant and for many of our guests this crisis is more emotional than financial. Almost all birthday parties have been cancelled. Businesses are canceling events because everyone is stressed,” Podzolkovová said.

Chef Anatoly Kazakov has always cooked with homegrown ingredients, and Selfie’s menu includes Murmanska sea urchins, Sakhalin scallops and Rostov ducks.

“The deficit created will provide an opportunity to develop domestic production and trade,” said the company’s manager, which is located near one of the famous Soviet high-rises from the era of dictator Josef Stalin.

Russian wines are offered for drinking here, foreign wines are very expensive. A bottle of Château Roc in London from 2009 doesn’t even cost $100, here they ask for 46,000 rubles ($683, 16,200 kroner). The average salary of Russians is just over 57,300 rubles.

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Source: Seznam Zpravy

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