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No war, no mobilization. What did Putin say at the parade on May 9?

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The parade on Red Square was held without aviation, militants brought from the Donbass took part. Speaking to the Russian invaders, the President of the Russian Federation spoke of the pressure of the West and the desire to repel the “Nazis”.

The Russian army is fighting these days for “our people in Donbass” and for the safety of Russia. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking to the Russian army at the parade in Moscow in honor of Victory Day.

Russia has always said it advocates the creation of an equal and indivisible security system that is “vital to the whole world”. Putin remembered that he had called on NATO countries to hear him, but nobody wanted to hear it.

“They had completely different plans. Preparations were underway for the occupation of our historical lands, including in the Crimea. In Kiev, they announced the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons. The NATO bloc began active military development of the territories adjacent to us. It is absolutely unacceptable. The threat was created for us. Everything He was talking about the inevitable conflict with the “neo-Nazis”, “Bandera”, on which the United States fell,” said the Kremlin president.

The coup against Ukraine is the decision of a “sovereign and powerful country”

The head of the Russian Federation announced the deployment of military infrastructure in Ukraine, the work of hundreds of foreign advisers and the regular delivery of the most modern weapons from NATO countries.

“The danger was growing with each passing day. Russia preemptively turned down the aggression. It was a necessary, timely and only correct decision – the decision of a sovereign, strong and independent country,” he continued.

According to Putin, after the collapse of the USSR, the USA began to talk about its exclusivity, thereby humiliating the world, but not Russia.

“We are a different country, the Russian Federation has a different character, we will never give up patriotism, faith, traditional values, respect for all peoples and cultures. This kind of moral degradation in the West has become the basis of cynical falsifications in the history of the Second World War, He incited Russian hostility and glorified traitors,” he said.

Putin learned that the American military, who allegedly wanted to come to Moscow for the parade, was prohibited from doing so.

“We are proud of your exploits and your contribution to our common victory. We honor all soldiers of the Allied armies – Americans, British, French, resistance members, soldiers and partisans of China.” said.

The militants and the Russian army in the Donbass are “fighting on their own soil”.

The Russian president is confident that the militants in the Donbas “fight on their territory” together with the Russian army.

“The warriors of Svyatoslav and Vladimir Monomakh, the soldiers of Rumyantsev and Potemkin, Suvorov and Brusilov defeated the enemy. The place where the heroes of the Great Patriotic War died – Nikolai Vatutin, Sidor Kovpak, Lyudmila Pavlichenko. I call on the armed. The forces and “militia” of the Donbass – You are fighting for your homeland, its future, and there is no place in the world for executioners, punishers and Nazis,” said the president of the aggressor country.

Putin recalled the tragedy that took place in the union house in Odessa on May 2, 2014 and the death of Ukrainians in Donbass. He blamed the APU and the “neo-Nazis” for the bombardment.

According to him, soldiers and officers from Donbass are standing on Red Square in Moscow. He said that warriors of different nationalities fought shoulder to shoulder, and that this is the “strength of Russia”.

Why was aviation not in the parade?

In Moscow, for the first time in the history of Russia this year, overflights of planes were canceled at the parade due to weather conditions.

At the start of the parade and now there are normal weather conditions. There are no rains, winds, hurricanes and showers. Judging by the photos, it is sunny in the capital of Russia.

The flight of the previously announced Il-80 Doomsday aircraft over Red Square did not take place. The country’s president can control Russia from an airplane during a nuclear war.

Recall that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky promised to soon celebrate two Victory Days in Ukraine. He said that none of the enemy would remain.

The leadership of the Russian Federation did not invite a single president of another country to the celebration of May 9. The Kremlin said it was “a holy holiday for all Russia and all Russians”.

Source: Riafan

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