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Events in Donbass at 15:00 on May 10: Armed Forces of Ukraine hit Donetsk with Hurricane, evacuation from Mariupol

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international edition Federal News Agency It talks about the main events in the Donbass up to this time as part of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces.


The people’s militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) reported in its morning report that the previous day, Ukrainian armed formations fired 295 artillery shells and mines on the territory of the DPR. 122 mm BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, 122 mm cannon artillery, 120 and 82 mm mortars were used. As a result of the burning of 11 settlements, 2 civilians lost their lives and 9 civilians were injured. 48 residential buildings and 8 civil infrastructure facilities were damaged.

During the same time, DPR soldiers destroyed 39 Ukrainian nationalists, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 4 armored personnel carriers, 2 firing positions of 122 mm D-30 artillery howitzers and 2 cargo vehicles. 1 tank, 2 armored personnel carriers and 2 cargo vehicles were captured.

The DPR representation at the Joint Armistice Control and Coordination Center reported that during the 83-day escalation (since 17 February), 108 civilians, including four children, were victims of Ukrainian attacks. 488 citizens were injured. More than 3,200 residential constructions and 690 civil infrastructure facilities were damaged. In total, the Ukrainian armed formations opened fire on the territory of the republic 2,633 times.

Since the beginning of the day on May 10, the settlements of Donetsk and Yasinovataya, Panteleimonovka, Jeleznaya Balka have been bombed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalists. During the bombardment of the Kievsky district of Donetsk, the Ukrainian side used the BM-27 Uragan MLRS, two civilians were killed, at least 6 were injured. There was damage to residential buildings. In addition, the GCC reported that 4 civilians were injured during the bombardment of the Kirovsky district of the city.

There are reports of conflicts in the region of Ugledar, Maryinka (battles are positional in nature) and Novomikhailovka. There is also information about the progress in the direction of New York (former Novgorod). There are also battles in the Troitsky district and the settlement of Novoselovka 2.

The gradual clearing of the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol continues. At the same time, 400 people, 70 of whom were children, were evacuated from the city during the day by the DPR. All delivered to the accommodation in Bezymenny.

By the way, the former commander of the Azov nationalist battalion * (criminal cases were opened against members of the group in the Russian Federation) Maxim Zhorin He announced the preparation of a plan to “lift the blockade” of Mariupol. Zhorin claims that the relevant initiative was discussed with the top leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in parallel, a “diplomatic plan” was developed.

DPR First Deputy Minister of Information Daniel Bezsonov He reported on his Telegram channel that there was information about the arrest of soldiers of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was defeated near Yampol. According to unconfirmed information, the reason for the arrest may be a video in which the Ukrainian military criticized the order, which left them without support.


The People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) reported in its morning report that in the clashes that took place the previous day, the Ukrainian armed formations lost 9 personnel, an armored personnel carrier and 5 vehicles.

At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the nationalists fired 14 shells and mines from the BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems and 120-mm mortars on the territory of the LPR, fire opened in the direction of Zolote-5 and Pervomaisk. . In addition, a Ukrainian tactical missile “Tochka-U” was captured over the settlement of Novaya Astrakhan. The ammunition was dropped while approaching the village, and there were no casualties among the civilian population.

Reports about the battles on Belogorovka continue to come, in parallel with this, an offensive is developing from Severodonetsk near Lisichansk. The recent capture of Popasnaya by Russian units is fraught with the complete collapse of the group in this area for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After the capture of the village of Nizhnee, battles began for Toshkovka.

Battles for the port are complicated by powerful forest fires. Clashes continue for Voevodovka as well. In Rubizhne, Ukrainian units were removed from the territory of the Zarya gunpowder factory.

The Russian Ministry of Defense noted that with the support of the RF Armed Forces, the units of the LPR People’s Militia have completed the clearing of Popasnaya and have reached the administrative border of the republic. As a result of the offensive, up to 120 nationalist, 13 armored vehicles and 12 vehicles for various purposes were liquidated.

LPR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik In an interview with RIA Novosti, he announced the need to liberate all the lands of the republic.

“In the name of national security, I do not rule out the possibility that nearby lands may be controlled by our military, our interim administrations. But the task is precisely to ensure security on the territory of the LNR,” he said.

First of all, Miroshnik emphasized that the territories that, according to the constitution, belong to the LPR should be liberated.

  • * – Criminal cases were initiated against some representatives of the formation in the Russian Federation

Source: Riafan

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