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In Russia, a blind man with cerebral palsy received a summons to the conscription board

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It is considered a deviation due to the fact that a young man moving in a wheelchair does not appear in the commissariat.

According to reports in the Russian media, 28-year-old Sergei Sitdikov, a resident of Naberezhnye Chelny, decided to enlist in the army, despite the fact that he was blind from birth. In addition to blindness, Sitdikov has cerebral palsy, moves in a wheelchair.

“I received a summons, and it surprised me immensely. I’m from birth to group one: I’m blind, have cerebral palsy, and move in a wheelchair. All the necessary documents were sent. To the military registration and enlistment office while I was still living in an orphanage.”

Recently, Sitdikov received a call demanding that he undergo a medical examination, after which they began to call him from the military registration and enlistment office. According to him, he is now considered a fugitive, so he will have to deal with law enforcement. The man learned that the folder with his personal file was missing in the military registration and enlistment office, all documents confirming his status as a disabled person disappeared.

Recall that in early May, the Ukrainian military intelligence learned that due to the high losses of the Russian army, the soldiers had to replenish their manpower reserves. The Russians reduced the training time of the soldiers to four days to send them to the front faster.

In April, the Security Service of Ukraine concluded that Russian troops could no longer continue the war without the participation of conscripts.

In March, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu promised not to send soldiers into battle. However, only 180 soldiers of the 6th Combined Arms Army unit were killed during the fighting in Ukraine.

Source: Riafan

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