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Mohammed Al Kooheji: We launched the largest flat in Bahrain, 850 square meters, spread over 3 floors, with a price of 1.2 million dinars.

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CEO of Al Kooheji Real Estate Company Eng. Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji confirmed that the company is offering the largest 850 square meter penthouse on 3 floors at a varying price in the Onyx project in Bahrain. between one million and 1.2 million Bahraini dinars.
This came during the inauguration of the “Koheji Exhibition for Real Estate Development Stages” at the company’s headquarters in the Gulf of Bahrain, under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. development and construction of high-rise tower projects.
At the opening of this exhibition, Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, said: “We are pleased with what Kooheji Real Estate Company has said and the services provided by the company.
In response to a question by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority about expediting the procedures, Sheikh said, “Of course, we are trying to offer our services to developers and are trying to streamline their procedures and facilitate the acquisition of their real estate. Contracts concluded with real estate units and buyers, providing guarantee and protection for buyers, our procedures have become fully electronic and everyone Through the electronic platform of the institution, you can see any project, whether licensed or not, about the progress of the works, and all the information about the projects.
“Koheji Fair for Real Estate Development Phases in High-Rise Projects” reviews all phases of the residential real estate project in accordance with the highest standards, with a detailed presentation of each phase and the added value it provides. For each phase of real estate development, starting with the study of market requirements and feasibility study, the chain Project leads to cost control engineering by examining each element and adjusting execution mechanisms for each element that improve business efficiency without compromising customer experience. and then working with Kooheji Real Estate partners in the worldwide supply chain to ensure that the best raw materials are procured according to the highest international standards, and taking advantage of everything achieved from the modern construction mechanisms used. development and construction of high-rise residential towers projects, through the interior design team, through joint efforts with the team of experienced architectural designers, to ensure optimal use of spaces that suit the client’s needs and housing behavior. There is no doubt that the conscious distribution of spaces is an important issue.
The Kooheji fair touches on the real estate development stages for companies that manage residential towers and provide five-star services to achieve a unique residential experience in closed residential communities in high-rise residential towers, and maintenance companies that ensure sustainability for residential tower projects. With periodic and continuous maintenance to keep these towers in perfect condition, then a detailed presentation of the services of the “Royal Envoy” company established by Kooheji Real Estate Company to manage the portfolio of real estate assets and its services include: Sale, resale and lease to generate attractive returns. The company manages more than 11 properties and more than 3000 residential units of luxury apartments.”
Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji, Chairman of the Board of Kooheji Real Estate, on the occasion of the opening of the “Kooheji Exhibition for Real Estate Development Stages in High-Rise Projects” said: “By God’s grace, we have a tight mechanism in Kooheji that allows us to present the typical real estate product that creates demand today. We have succeeded in obtaining an integrated real estate solutions system that creates
“What you see today has created for Al Kooheji Company, with over 48 years of hard work experience in the real estate and construction industry and a leadership with a pioneering spirit of work operating according to high ethical frameworks, technical executive competencies and internal talents have everything necessary to implement special projects.”
  • Redefining luxury in residential towers
Adhering to the principle of “a useful science”, we present you today the fruits of our expertise in completing the original and unique high-rise residential towers projects that the residential real estate industry has witnessed for over 15 years. , innovative in our journey through a series of multi-dwelling towers containing more than 800 residences, including 190 luxury residences characterized by luxury appearance, where we can redefine the concept of modern living in residential towers and offer everything new, and all, infinity pools, sports clubs, cinemas and children’s play centres, services similar to those of five-star resorts, and communal facilities and multi-purpose halls for special occasions. The last thing we introduced with a new concept was shared offices and the first industrial beach in a high-rise residential tower, reflecting our ability to keep up with customer needs and understand market needs by examining the variables that may arise.
Commenting on the opening of the “Kooheji Exhibition”, CEO Mohamed Abdul Ghaffar Al-Kooheji invited Al-Kooheji Real Estate, who wants to get acquainted with real estate development and get technical information about construction, to visit the fair. He brings together our experience as a developer with a strong executive arm as a contractor for our projects and said: “Hopefully we can deliver even a fraction of what Al Kooheji Real Estate Company has created difference and added value in the value chain for every stage of real estate development through high towers. Questions are always asked about the efforts and talents that enable us to realize these projects and the reasons for their success, so today we are happy to answer this question, thanks first of all to Almighty Allah and the integrated system that enables it. To get the added value of each stage.
Thanks to this, Al Kooheji Real Estate has reached its current position and has earned the trust of development partners, including investors, owners and residents.
We have a deep understanding of market needs and housing requirements through our operating arm “Royal Envoy”, who has so far managed more than 11 residential towers in the real estate asset management portfolio and has more than 15 years of experience managing the communities within. Continuing the development based on an informed operational thinking, residential towers contribute to creating a development philosophy in line with the philosophy of profitable investment that benefits their owners, while providing a pioneering customer experience that has proven its viability in the past years, and an integrated and harmonious customer in sales, after-sales and rental processes in line with the goals of the developer. It allowed us to deliver the experience.
Today, we still challenge ourselves to create everything new, keep pace with client needs, and strive to maintain Kooheji Real Estate’s regional position in the real estate development world.”
  • Kooheji Real Estate launches luxury penthouse apartments in Onyx Bahrain B
Therefore, we are pleased to present the jewelery we have been working on today to be a clear reflection of our experience, and we have chosen to take part in the most important and newest projects of Kooheji Real Estate, the “Onyx Bahrain Bay” project. . This gem is the most luxurious penthouse apartments ever offered in the real estate industry at a regional level. Its true value is the accuracy and harmony of designs and the luxury of finishes, as the furniture pieces are designed specifically for the penthouse apartments in Onyx Bahrain Bay and each penthouse is studied to achieve optimum use. spaces, taking into account the needs of the client during the design and division of spaces.
The lofts at Onyx Bahrain B offer a life of luxury leisure, serenity with unparalleled resort-style amenities, stunning views of the Manama skyline and stunning sea views.
The Onyx Bahrain Bay project is strategically located within the development project “Bahrain Bay”, a global destination for business, leisure and high-end living, combining comfort and luxury in the heart of the capital. Onyx Bahrain Bay is located at the entrance of the Gulf of Bahrain and provides easy access to many important areas such as Bahrain Airport, King Fahd Road and Bahrain’s high-end shopping complexes such as The Avenues and MODA Mall.
The Bahrain Bay project also includes several outdoor leisure destinations located a short distance from Bahrain Bay, such as The Park, The Wharf and five-star hotels including the Wyndham Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.
The architectural design of the Onyx Bahrain Bay project, in addition to the all-glass façades, focuses on emphasizing the architectural language used in the exteriors of the project and the two towers and showing the wonderful harmony with the environment. a strong connection with magnificent views of the site from every direction.

Source: Alayam

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