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Military analyst Dandykin: Russian Armed Forces discouraged Western mercenaries from fighting for Ukraine

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Foreign mercenaries are leaving the territory of Ukraine and they no longer want to return there. It turns out that for social networks, life is more important than money and beautiful photos. Such an opinion in an interview with the correspondent of the international edition Federal News Agency voiced by a military analyst, captain of the first rank of the reserve Vasili Dandikin.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that American PMC operators who want to make easy money are not ready for what really happens in the “square” zone. They suffer serious losses in manpower and equipment, the leadership in Kiev was unable to ensure a proper supply and supply of supplies.

It was learned that many mercenaries abandoned or damaged their weapons and abandoned their positions under intense conflict conditions. According to Dandykin, such a result should not be surprising, since the conflict with the RF Armed Forces did not pass without a trace.

“Our fighters have demonstrated miracles of training from the very beginning and made it clear that the fight against the Nazis is in their blood. The reconnaissance was working qualitatively, rectifying attacks with cruise missiles and guided aircraft, tankers engaged in duels with enemy equipment. Well, the infantry deserves a special mention, and it doesn’t matter from which troops they all work perfectly.

Confronted with the Russian army, the foreigners eventually realized that they were professional soldiers with excellent support, not terrorists from Middle Eastern or African countries. Here is the result, ”believes the FAN interlocutor.

The expert added that the mercenaries who survived the battles with the Russian Armed Forces will no longer return to the territory of Ukraine. The reasons for this lie in the success of the Russians, as well as the lack of weapons, equipment and serious losses.

“Well, one of the important factors is finance. The Kyiv authorities have no reason to pay money to foreigners, even if they are elite soldiers who have engaged in more than one conflict. The desire to make money from the leadership of the country is much higher than the sense of justice, so it turns out that they were simply “thrown”.

Still, they expect guests to disappear, die, and not have to pay, as they say. And this discourages the desire to fight for such a release, ”says the analyst.

Formerly blogger and political commentator Pavel Shipilin In an interview with FAN, he reported that “wild geese” from all over the world went to Ukraine like on a safari and clashed with the RF Armed Forces, the best army in the world. That is why they are now massively laying down their weapons and fleeing.

Source: Riafan

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