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President Zelensky has a ‘mental problem’: Hungarian parliament speaker


According to Laszlo Kever, people asking for help do so “consistently, politely, without threatening.” And the politician believes that the president of Ukraine is demanding and threatening other countries.

Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kever described Vladimir Zelensky’s criticism as “a mental problem” because those who need help don’t ask for it, they ask politely 444.hu

“As far as I know of events in world history, I can’t remember the leader of a country in need of help requesting it or threatening other countries. In this way, only enemies are threatened, not friends. Those who ask for help do not. It’s especially because they want to be seen as friends. Persistently but politely, without threatening. “It is necessary to ask for help. I believe there is some kind of mental problem here,” he said.

Also, according to Kever, Hungarians living in Transcarpathia should fear the Ukrainians after the war with Russia is over.

“We must be very careful not to get to the point where Hungarians from Ukraine have to leave their homeland, which is located on Ukrainian soil, after living there for a thousand years.”

We remind you that Hungary has put forward new conditions for the adoption of sanctions against the Russian Federation. Budapest demanded that Patriarch Kirill be removed from the list of persons who will enter the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

However, the 6th package of EU sanctions against Russia was adopted. He has already written about what is inside Focus.

We remind you that the EU has started working on the seventh package of sanctions against Russia. According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, we are talking about the seizure of the assets of the Russian Federation in Europe and the disconnection of all Russian banks from the SWIFT system.

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