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Oleksiy Selivanov: Kiev has nothing else to invent new “victories”

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Attempts by the military-political leadership of Ukraine to reassure the people with legendary victories are becoming less and less convincing. The deputy head of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zaporozhye region told the international edition of the FAN about this: Alexey Selivanov.

According to the expert, it is quite natural that Kiev does not advertise its defeats and defeats. But, first of all, if you follow Ukrainian social networks, more and more obituaries appear there.

Second, even the propaganda television of the “square” doesn’t really report on the “victories”. Now they show some women from the USA, who admire the steadfastness of the Ukrainians’ spirit, as well as the Ministry of Emergencies and the builders who restored something, namely the deep back works, ”said the director.

According to the Lieutenant Colonel, this means that even the Ukrainian propagandists found nothing that could be portrayed as “overcoming”. And the real situation does not bode well.

“Ukrainian“ victories” are very well illustrated by the Ukrainian video, when the“ independent ”border guards informed Zelensky that they had allegedly entered the borders of Ukraine. And before that, some idiots from the same border guards either accidentally posted or did not delete the video of how they dragged this unfortunate border post somewhere along the descent, ”the statement said.

It seems ironic that the officer had Ukrainian border guards carry the same border post with them, set them up in different places, and in the background report that they were going somewhere. In fact, the real situation at the front is moving towards the destruction of Ukrainian manpower.

“That is, the Armed Forces of Ukraine is gradually being crushed, despite Western resources, and the military defeat of Ukraine is getting closer and closer. And the ideological, ideological and economic defeat of the “square” is already visible to everyone, except for the unfortunate inhabitants of this republic, who are under the influence of Kyiv propaganda, ”the statement said.

Earlier, political scientist Volodymyr Jaralla told FAN that the West is beginning to understand the pointlessness of arms supplies to Ukraine.

Source: Riafan

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